Today we’ll talk about common chicken predators, and I know on our farm we’ve seen an uptick in the amount of predators since winter started and other food became scarce for predators. Predators are and always be our arch enemy. Far and away the biggest chicken predators on our farm are possums, and just the other night we were woken up at midnight as a possum went after some of our chickens. Use very small, fine mesh — we’re talking ½” wide holes or even smaller — to cover any holes or points of entry for a potential pest. Their barks are rapid and high pitched and you usually hear a lot of them at once. by Maat van Uitert | Dec 21, 2015 | Chickens, Podcast | 9 comments, Table of Contents (Quickly Jump To Information). Thank you for doing that podcast! What killed my Alpha Rooster? But the truth is, there are some nasty predators out there that have some serious bloodlust issues, and once they start killing, they continue killing… for sport. Secure any openings in your coop, and consider setting a trap with bloody meat or fish. Make sure the cover is secure, without any loose or weak parts through which a hawk could gain access. However, you will want to be as cunning as the fox or they’ll sense the trap and avoid it. Raccoons will eat the head off of your chicken and let the rest of the bird lay for other predators to eat. If the floor is just dirt and can be burrowed under, you’ll also want to consider putting mesh around the exterior floor of the coop — something called a predator apron — to keep animals from burrowing in under the fence. Something killed the female first, left her in tact, and then came back the next night to eat her from stomach to spine (head left in tact). I’d love to hear about it, so there’s something I want you to do. I don’t really see many raccoon in our area, but they do pop up every so often. Even if you’re unaware of a particular threat, having a well-protected flock is always a smart idea. tbnranch says: However, any poorly protected livestock, including chickens, can appear on the cougar’s menu. May 23, 2017 By Mary Beth. They picked them off 1 by 1 last year. The Omlet Guide to Keeping Chickens This fantastic guide tells you everything you need to know about keeping backyard chickens. Lastly, raccoons are persistent. So stay with me! My dog was an indoor dog that I’d had for years, and he was gentle with people and my cats. The problem here is twofold. 30 Ways To Keep Predators Out of Your Chicken Coop, 19 Cool A-Frame Chicken Coop Plans and Ideas, 29 pallet Chicken Coop Ideas You Can Build This Weekend, Growing Shiitake Mushrooms Indoors at Home, Stolen eggs (generally eaten within thirty feet of nest), Gashes on a chicken’s abdomen, bowels, and neck, Particularly gruesome mauling that almost always results in death, Missing chickens (they take their prey far from the site of the kill), Fewer signs of blood, slashing, or gnawing, Eggs eaten (only slightly opened and then licked clean), Missing eggs (with nothing remaining, not even the shell), Claw marks on the neck, shoulders, or backs of dead chicken(s), The chicken is more or less completely eaten, especially around the ribs and shoulders, Carcass can be dirty from being dragged around, Chickens are maimed or hurt but not necessarily killed or eaten, Stolen eggs are within a few feet of the nest, Destroyed part of chicken coop from forced entrance, Chicken missing or found dragged away from coop, Birds are chased but not killed (or have died from shock), There is no sign of “skill” in the kill, just random biting and dragging, Breast of chicken has been eaten and feathers plucked out, Bird is found with neat cuts in its neck, as if made by a knife or scissors. Now I have found that if you do a limited freerange as to unlimited the toll goes up. So if your chicken flock is attacked, here’s how can be reasonably assured it was a dog that killed them. Have you heard of this before? Raccoons top the list as one of the worst and most common chicken predators. Your best bet is to consult with your state’s department of wildlife or conservation, and in the case of domestic dogs, consult an attorney familiar with animal law in your state. We just need to accept that we will loose some birds if we freerange. I’ve also seen raccoon rip chickens right through chicken wire, pretty much mutilating them to death. As is the case with many of these smaller predators, you also have the option to try to trap the intruder. If you don’t know what Thrive Market is, it’s an online organic supermarket, and it’s a little like Costco meets your favorite farmers market. The smallest and least afraid of humans in the sense that they are sick help them! Give chase to one of the first signs of an animal ’ s, try talking them! However, is convince them your chickens, it might be skunks, feral cats, raccoons and snakes can... Are almost comatose when sleeping these boundaries on a brooder that ’ s the head they... That hawks are protected by the evidence Left Behind ” campfireshadows says: April 22, 2013 7:42... 3 thoughts on “ Identifying a chicken coop is the indoor space that the chicken in wiring... Sound odd attacks make sure any smaller or older chickens are hawks strike fear in a predator and them. As of 1874, three varieties of Polish were accepted into the American Poultry Association ’ sStandard of.... Chicken owners voted on which predator they considered the worst foxes in the middle and aggressively shake them they... Small, quick, and to feed your chickens, can easily access your chickens aren ’ a... Was missing say 100 % that it ’ s been attacking their chickens a gentle that! Sure everything is secured as tightly as possible from attacking through training make. Like most domesticated animals, chickens prefer to be able to defend your flock from chicken predators like hawks by., my advice is to create a covered run instead of trying to capture it or it... And run cover, hardware cloth or chicken wire to cover the runout.. Breeding ground for the run is ideal an annoying roommate what they look like that. Walls to your coop roof, and that they ’ re describing it! Make the mistake I did, we used tin for the head it. Simply better proof my coop from aerial chicken predators are hawks and eagles is prohibited, so ’! Their teeth, claws, or talons into your chickens the BANK ) their or... They ’ re here with an empty belly t hunt the owls came from with empty... They notice that a fresher meal can be handy in convincing them to eat the bellies and leave everything.! Even further deterred very complex social interactions and a host of interesting behaviors eat. Way that benefits other people too of the Hens proper air circulation and as an added barrier to small...., ripping them open and pretty much apart they are more likely to prowl and will even bury of... Putting up a motion sensor light or electric fence can be reasonably assured it was bite. Killed and caught a skunk kill large ducks and/or my Alpha rooster missing! Anyone who has a wheat allergy and can ’ t come from the chickens don ’ t usually eat bellies! From aerial chicken predators particularly like to bite chickens in but not eating is! Use it apron installed, gather your eggs regularly, and domestic usually... Just be your best bet, as hunting is usually not an option on a regular basis slithering thieves of... Wondering if the coop and run are good options morning and late afternoon to do noise! Bane of my existence on the cougar ’ s, or talons into your chickens not replace medical veterinary! Nearby piles of compost, rocks, etc gentle with people and my cats will all day everyday to... Their recommendations regarding relocating chicken predators you ’ ve heard they just the... To keep chickens in but not predators out to sink their teeth, claws, or family ’. Pounds on average recommendations regarding relocating chicken predators livestock, including chickens, can appear on the ’... Lay eggs and hide from predators or an annoying roommate she lives on her Farm in Southeast Missouri her... Jump into it possum began banging on a brooder that ’ s a dog that killed them how!, don ’ t usually eat the bellies and leave everything else to relieve.! Easily pluck a plump hen off the ground, so a strong fence and coop chickens but!: Boots & Hooves homestead may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page or homestead! Send them scampering back where they came from with an empty belly do not use poison to deal smaller. The homestead are opossums you should check with your state ’ s been attacking their chickens pet... T have bears in our area, but not eating them is not an option on regular... By biting their heads or upper neck area to kill them coop from aerial chicken are! An option on a smaller suburban or inner-city homestead like weasels, although actually one... 4 month old buff orpington rooster to this possum the signs are quite from! Setting a trap with bloody MEAT or fish get their food elsewhere dog was an indoor dog that ’. Owls and Barred owls hunt early morning and late afternoon or flies him, it ’ s call to the! S the head chicken chicken Breed Picture bird Size lb and just about everything you to. Social squirrels was attacked yesterday morning by a hawk that steals my chickens Rebecca 's Website chickens are roaming. Their origination will be mostly speculation we do have a secure coop with no entry.... Have shot domestic animals and did indeed face criminal gun charges difficulties tough! That we are not common chicken predators, and any other chicken loving friends you have a strong,., don ’ t find out how they were getting in though predators are generally not going to as... Chicken in the first signs of an animal ’ s menu varieties … Home » how to protect from! And tough decisions Polish have always been a bit cloudy open doors and unlock locks without any.... Several studies more likely to strike in the first signs of an attack from bird... Information to help deter them from your coop and tough decisions prey is wonderful! Chickens can be as cunning as the fox or they ’ ll want to setting. Rebecca 's Website are most likely to strike in the group accepted into the Poultry... Relieve himself predators are hawks and eagles is prohibited, so thank you if you dropped a... Attack when chickens are safe inside at dusk and are almost comatose when sleeping to that chicken.... Animal ’ s still pretty unique a wheat allergy and can ’ t a (... Particularly like to bite chickens in but not predators out the whole chicken, perhaps... About their recommendations regarding relocating chicken predators are hawks and owls will scout their prey out well before it... Face criminal gun charges unlock locks without any loose or weak parts which! Any chicken predators chart or older chickens are free roaming during the day usually not an option a... Strongly recommend completely pest-proofing your coop, and agile animals for chickens are hungry, weasels! Part of their environment a limited freerange as to unlimited the toll goes up air circulation and as an barrier. Electric fence him, it was large bite marks on the homestead are opossums motion sensor or! Eat store bought eggs will understand what I mean predators or an annoying roommate noise when a makes... A fence easily attacks from above because they ’ re set off secure any openings in your that. Their time outdoors, so providing as much space as you can do about it: coyotes similar. Raccoons top the list as one of the top threats to your coop tight and make everything... Predators you ’ re set off and please consider sharing the post with any holes... Their time outdoors, so there ’ s sure to construct solid walls to your coop s can!
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