Fare calculation for using commuter pass. Additionally, buying a commuter pass and inserting your current PASMO (as opposed to letting the machine dispense one for you) will convert your card to a registered one. The only drawback is that the card seems like it could be easy to misplace. Safety and Disaster Prevention Initiatives, Creating Subways that are Easy and Comfortable for Everyone to Use, For Tokyo Metro Line Customers who transferred from Other Train Companies, Airport - Downtown Tokyo Routes and Tickets, Highway Bus and Tokyo Metro Line Ticket Sets, Chikatoku (Affiliated Discount/Benefit Service), Cooperation and Actions for Improvement of Manners on the trains, Passes for JR Lines Departing From Ayase Station (between Ayase and Kanamachi, etc. (Driver's license, passport, insurance card, student identification card with photo, etc. You can assign the commuter pass to only railway. Which means that the train only pass the Shibuya station and it does not need to transfer. For customers using Tokyo Metro lines, and the Tobu Tojo Line or Seibu Ikebukuro Line, a 2-Zone Pass for the zones below is available for purchase.See "What is a 2-Zone Pass?" Some companies even issue PASMO cards, meaning they belong to the company and the company takes care of all expenses and the employee doesn't do any self-charging. Pass Fare - ([Round-Trip Fare × Number of Days] + 220 Yen Handling Fee), Pass Fare - (1 Month Pass Fare + 220 Yen Handling Fee), Pass Fare - (1 Month Pass Fare × 2 + 220 Yen Handling Fee), Pass Fare - (3 Month Pass Fare + 220 Yen Handling Fee), Pass Fare - (3 Months Pass Fare + 1 Month Pass Fare + 220 Yen Handling Fee), Pass Fare - (3 Months Pass Fare + [1 Month Pass Fare × 2] + 220 Yen Handling Fee), Refund Amount = Regular Pass Fare - (Amount of Fare for the Periods Used* + 220 Yen Handling Fee). Anyone can use a commuter pass. A Period is a 10 day unit of time, which is a third of 1 month.However, when accounting for months that are not 30 days long, a single period may not equal exactly 10 days when including the end of the month. Because I live in Ebisu, I only need to charge about 10,000yen per month. This calculator contains All the passes including regional passes, non-JR passes, and allows you to compare prices with Express Buses. You can determine whether the train extends or not by cheking the value of station state (ResultSet/Course/Route/Line/DepartureState/Type or Young children are … Commuter passes can be renewed either monthly, quarterly or every six months. Use route search by average wait time to create commuter pass route string. For all of these, you can choose to buy one with or without a name, and a normal pass or a commuter pass. The Student/Commuter Railway Pass allows you to take unlimited rides between stations on the specified route. Simply touch the Suica card to the reader at the ticket gate when out and about. For student railway passes, "Certificate of Commuting" checks will need to be carried out upon reservation. If there is no Pass Office available in a nearby station, please purchase a ticket for a Tokyo Metro line and buy a pass at the closest Pass Office.You will receive a refund upon completing the procedure specified below. Unregistered and registered PASMO cards: The amount charged onto the PASMO card and the initial 500 yen deposit is returned. JR-EAST: JR East Pass. Just choose travels you wish to make and hit "Calculate" to see which passes offer you good deals. *If you purchase a commuter pass after entering the ticket gate using your PASMO, the ticket gate that you exit from will not be able to calculate your fare. Certificates without a photograph are allowable for students in the 3rd or lower grades of junior high school, children and infants. ※Sample image (Ekispert Web Service HTML5 Interface Sample) attention! ... For the rest, buy a SUICA / PASMO in Tokyo for daily commutes in Japan, including city subways and commuter trains in those locations. Therfore, to keep exactness of the route, we recommend to use the assignDetailRoute parameter which can consider the direction of line. The steps presented in this guide are for Tokyo Metro ticket windows and ticket machines. Please bring your official certificate (Japanese driver’s license, passport, insurance … ORCA Passport New ... $2.25 Puget Pass LINK light rail: Downtown to Capitol Hill or Beacon Hill . The specification of station name, average rail and the direction of average rail used in the commuter pass route string should be exact. Find out how much you SAVE. Once your card has been registered, you will need to present an identification document if you want to refund the remaining value, so ensure that the details you register are correct. AssignRoute parameter can also be used for calculate cummuter pass charge, but it is possible that the opposite direction of some loop lines are deducted from fee. When using tickets or magnetic commuter pass with an IC card, insert the ticket or magnetic commuter pass before touching your IC card to the Shinkansen ticket gate. If you have purchased a pass using a credit card, you will need the same credit card that you used to make the purchase. The routes that the Student/Commuter Railway Pass covers are specified upon application, and cannot be used on other routes. Again all on the Keikyu Line. *One PASMO card can be used as a train commuter pass and a bus commuter pass combined. If you get the Pasmo version of the Commuter Pass (500yen extra) you can load extra cash onto the card, this cash will only be deducted if you go off the commuter … See the page below for the age categories for fares. ※ The request example is written in Japanese, but if Japanese is included in the request parameter, please encode URL (% encode) of the Japanese part with UTF 8. PASMO card pass: A handling fee of 220 yen is deducted from the PASMO card and the initial 500 yen deposit is returned. Pasmo generates fixed position code, can not be used to create relocatable object files for use with linkers. Commuter Check for Bicycling Vouchers. One more thing: I need my commuter pass for four months, and you can only buy commuter passes that are valid for 1, 3, or 6 months. Please purchase a Commuter Pass. When refunding your pass, please bring the following items. Check in which stations you can find a Pass Office from the Metro Pass Offices page below. When buying a commuter ticket, you can choose to buy a PASMO or SUICA Commuter pass instead of a conventional one. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Please visit your closest Tokyo Metro Pass Office. *If you purchase a commuter pass after entering the ticket gate using your PASMO, the ticket gate that you exit from will not be able to calculate your fare. Related URL. In the example response, commuter pass charge for one-way route is 530 yen. Commuter Check for bicycling vouchers can be ordered in any denomination between $10 and $20 and are accepted at participating bicycle shops and bicycle storage facilities nationwide. So that means I can go to Moriya anytime I want and I’m saving my company 2000 yen in the process. PASMO Passport: An IC Card for Foreign Visitors ©1976, 1996, 2001, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. A personalized PASMO and PASMO commuter pass may be reissued. Even if the number of days used does not yet equal 1 period, it shall still be regarded as 1 period. for more information. You can obtain a re-issue from the operator who issued the pass.Please check the PASMO website for more details. Although route search/search/course/extreme is used at the example request, you can alse use In some circumstances, it may not be possible to purchase a renewal for a Child Commuter Pass or a Child Student Railway Pass. In the case of refunding a PASMO commuter pass (including To Me CARD PASMO, which has an automatic refill function and credit card function), please contact the retailer you purchased the pass from. A commuter pass, or teiki ken 定期券, is a special ticket that can be purchased on a smart card like SUICA or PASMO. You can purchase/reserve the various passes using the methods detailed below. ), Student/Commuter Railway Passes for Departures From and Arrival At These Stations. Use them as payment towards bicycles, bicycle equipment, repairs, and/or storage fees associated with your commute to work. The only semi-real consideration is if you have plans to travel to an unusual area , and it isn’t listed by Pasmo—but then it may not be covered by … So no problem there. (Only the person registered on the card may use this pass.)"". PASMO commuter pass is a normal PASMO card plus a traditional commuter pass (1/3/6 months). Although it is possible to go to Ebisu station from Shinjuku station by JR-Yamanote-Line without transfer, the section is separated at Shibuya station in the example response. Please do not insert it to the ticket gate. Costs above are approximate. This applies to customers who are using a valid ticket on a Tokyo Metro route and who have purchased the pass and requested the refund at a Pass Office. Commuter passes can be renewed either monthly, quarterly or every six months. Most machines accept cash, major credit/debit cards, and EBT cards. route reproduction or cummuter pass / train assginment. It has nothing to do with a short-time tourist. JR Pass does NOT cover any city subway nor local commuter trains not operated by JR in Japan. The desired amount to be charged can be selected from units of ¥1,000, ¥2,000, ¥3,000, ¥4,000, ¥5,000 and ¥10,000. It is not possible for customers to change the choice of closest station to the school from the one specified by the school to one of their own choice.Additionally, when changing a passenger's home station due to a move, etc., passengers must have a school representative issue an amended certificate and have it stamped with either the representative's or school's seal. Suica (Japanese: スイカ, Suika) is a rechargeable contactless smart card, electronic money used as a fare card on train lines in Japan, launched on November 18, 2001. This is a Personalized PASMO card that can be used as a commuter pass for children. This is a document issued by a representative of the school in which the student is currently enrolled and then stamped with the seal of either the representative or the school. $2.50 Puget Pass ... $4.25 Puget Pass CT commuter service; Sounder Train: Seattle to Auburn . It can be confirmed that commuter pass charge is reflected because general fee for one-way route is 550 yen. Alternatively, have the credit card holder complete the procedure. Excluding the above, there is no amount to refund. The Pasmo Card is a prepaid smart card that allows travel on almost all methods of transport in Japan (subway, trains, and buses). *Please keep in mind that as PASMO is used by many operators, there may be slight differences in the application forms and displays when buying PASMO. Ekispert Web Service HTML5 Interface Sample, route reproduction or cummuter pass / train assginment. Since the commuter pass is also a Suica/Pasmo card, you can charge the card with extra money.
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